Refund Policy

How can I get a refund?

We firmly believe and stand behind our product 100%. We offer a 100% guarantee to deliver our “Domain Profits” publication in electronic format from this website. You will be granted access privileges to our Member Area. Members have full access to our Domain Profits publication.

The Refund Process is based on 2 steps:

Step 1 – Before asking for a refund regarding a technical issue or any other problem please:

a) Open a support ticket and explain the issue – Let us try to fix it, allow us adequate time to try and assist you. Your detailed feedback can help us optimize our website and membership area. Please send us some screenshots or explain what you were/are looking for and didn’t find in our member area.

b) If you have any pre-sales questions, please get in touch and we’ll gladly answer your questions if possible.

A refund is possible:

– If we fail to deliver our product. If you are having difficulty finding the product, our product can be found in our members’ area after successful login – where you can access, read and study our Domain Profits publication from the members’ area. Access to member area is only possible after successful payment and activation buy our support team.

Step 2 – If your issue can’t be solved in Step 1 above and you decide to move forward with the refund we will gladly provide a refund within 15 calendar days of the original purchase.

After 15 days from the purchase date no refunds can be processed.

Please note that by purchasing access to our member area, you agreed to the Terms & Conditions, Refund Policy and Client Acceptance Terms.

Refund requests may take up to 15 working days to process.

Requests with incomplete or inaccurate information will be disregarded.

Refunds will only be granted for the original license purchase and DO NOT APPLY to product upgrades or annual renewals.

Please complete the Refund Request Form at the URL listed below after you completed Step 1.

If you believe you are eligible for a refund based on these criteria, you may request a refund using the form located here:

We reserve the right to change or modify the current refund policy with no prior notice. All refunds will be granted at the sole discretion of

We do not issue refunds if:
– If you have logged into Members Area. (Each Member Area login is time-stamped and saved in our database for 90 days.)
– If you do not allow our tech support to check the issue and get back to you with the solution.
– If your license, user-name or password is blocked due to the violation of the terms (sharing the product, allowing others to use your license or password, distribution of our products, etc.).

Our support dept is open Mon thru Fri 9am – 4pm. Closed on holidays and weekends.

Refund request form located at: